Baloda Bazar - bhatapara Police, Chhattisgarh

Shri Bhagwat Prasad Rajbhanu

Clandestinely organised movement of Naxlities an operation was organised by S.P. Balrampur on 16-03-2002. The whole responsibility of this opreation was entrusted to Shri B.P. Rajbhanu S.D.O.P. Ramanujganj. According to the information the police party searched for the Naxalites and was able to locate the movement of the extremist group at village Jalbotha of PS Chando. Under the leadership of Shri Rajbhanu the police party managed to lay siege on the difficult populated area of the village with tactical planning and crossed the inaccessible and treacherous terrain unnoticed by the extremists. Suddenly the police party was seen by two watch guards deputed by the Naxalites. They opened heavy firing on police party. Shri Rajbhanu warned the extremists to surrender. Despite it they continued firing incessantly. At this SDOP Ramanujganj ordered his Party to open fire in Self defense. For about 30 minutes heavy exchange of fire took place. With great presence of mind he not only ensured the safety of his men but also the life and property of villagers even at the risk of exposing himself to heavy firing. He risked himself to bear the main brunt of Naxalites firing. Undeterrd by the critical situation and large number of extremists, Shri Rajbhanu decided to launch an operation to destabilize the opponent’s position. He emerged from his position and rushed forward for encounter without caring for his own safety. Shri Rajbhanu fired at the Naxalites with his AK-47 Rifle killing one Naxalitie. This compelled the other extremist to run away from the spot. Shri Rajbhanu gave chase. The killed extremist was identified as Ranjit @ Suresh @ Jaiprakash. One 315 bore rifle with 13 cartridges, two 12 bore double barrel gun(foreign made), two 12 bore single barrel gun, one 315 bore rifle and some bombs, magazine, clothes were recovered. The activities of this group included 10 heinous offences like murder, dacoity, arson and murderous attack on the police.

In this encounter, Shri Bhagwat Prasad Rajbhanu, SDOP displayed conspicuous gallantry, courage and devotion to duty of the high order.

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